ALXR8 Fitness is by appointment only.

Please contact us for current pricing and to schedule an initial consultation to determine how we can best address your fitness and health goals.

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  • Personal Training

    1 hr session

    30 minute session

  • Small Group Training

    Two person group training, 1 hour session

    Three person group training, 1 hour session

  • Corporate group training

    Call or email for details

  • Body comp analysis

    - Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), tape measurements, and skinfold

    - DXA

    While BIA and skinfold measurements can give clients a good picture of their body composition, these metrics are not the most accurate. AXLR8 highly recommends that our clients make an appointment with the Fitness Institute of Texas to get a DXA.
    DXA (Dual-energy X-ray Absorptiometry) analysis is the gold standard for body composition testing and gives you much more accurate information than any other type of testing in regards to muscle, fat and bone mass per region of the body. The newest version of the DXA, which FIT just purchased, is even more precise. Better color mapping imagery, more detail on visceral and abdominal fat, incredible software and comprehensive reports that can be emailed to you.

    Please contact AXLR8 at for more information in setting up a DXA appointment with FIT.